Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Really Gonna Miss You!!

This blog is to keep you informed of the latest information in Television. Well TV Fam, I regretfully share that our beloved friend Tim Densmore has passed away. Tim passed in his sleep. Arrangements are being finalized. I will keep you posted. Tim will be missed. He has made a tremendous global impact through the visual, performing and media arts. Although already missed Tim Densmore lives on through each life he has touched.


leslie said...

I recently was a student in Tim Densmore at Columbia College. He was an excellent motivator and rode us very hard while reminding us that we were good. I most appreciate his sense of humor and how masterful a teacher he was. I am sadden by the gap left by his large stature and influence particularly for African-American males.


><> said...

Hey TV Fam - Here's a forward from Mike Fry, one of the Television Department's Full-timers:

Tim was my friend. Our friend. He loved the department and each of us. He took the time to let me know he cared and was a constant encouragement to me as I sought a full time position over the past 10 years. I don't even know how to think of Columbia and not hear Tim joking or showing intense commitment to our students--or both at the same time. Tim smiled and laughed alot--this is how I see him now. My love to him and to his family..and yes, hold your loved ones a little more closely and give your friends their flowers while they are still here--WE LOVE YOU TIM-Mike Fry

Jennell said...

I loved Tim Densmore. He was my first and most memorable experience at Columbia. We had such a repoire that we'd pass jokes that no one else understood. I was more then just a former student of Tim's; he and I were good friends. I am shocked and hurt by this very unexpected news. He was such a geat person in life that he is being greatly rewarded in death. He's suiting up to be professor of Heavenly Productions 101; teaching angels how to make great programs to entertain the man himself!

><> said...

Tim Densmore was a truly special man. He was always ready with a word of encouragement, advice or general support to me as a young faculty member, and his commitment to students ran deep and wide. Though my heart is saddened by this sudden loss, I will be reminded of him each time someone tells me a good joke.

Keep on laughing, Tim.

Shanita B. Akintonde, MBA
Faculty Member/First-Year Student Liaison
Marketing Communication Department

Anonymous said...

I have known Tim since I was a student in the TV Department back in 1992. He was such a wonderful person. He was always positive and always made you smile. His personality was phenomenal. He will be truly missed by all the lives he touched.

Yolunda Kincade, ECE Dept.

Sharon Ross said...

Tim was the man who always could make me laugh hard enough to get in trouble at faculty meetings! He always had a joke, a good idea, and something fun to tall me about every time we met up near our offices. When I walk our TV halls, I'm certain he'll be looking at me from somewhere, laughing at whatever it is I'm up to...and if I listen closely, I'll bet I'll hear his booming laugh...

Let's remember what we loved, share what we remember, and honor his memory with a smile and a laugh each time we see each other--he would get a kick out of that!

Anonymous said...

Tim is my cousin and I love him dearly. He will be missed..


Kellie Kaho said...

I met Tim five years ago through one of the many community partnerships that he worked with. Our first meeting lasted something close to 4 hours because we spent most of it laughing about random things and joking like old friends. And after that moment, he was was a friend. That's the way he was, as we all know; He was the life of everything... I feel fortunate that I was able to hang out with him just last Friday. I will forever cherish that moment in particular. I am extremely saddened by his passing, but even more saddened to know that his family will have to go one without their dear Brother, Husband and Father.

Annie said...

Tim Densmore was first, my instructor, then my boss and ultimately a friend.
When you’re working, or learning, with Tim you’re part of his team. His team
of fun…and you walk away going, “How’d he do that?” He could get anyone
to do anything all he had to do was flash that smile. (Or keep at you until
you did what he needed. Either way, you enjoyed just being with him.)
His eternal optimism and demand for excellence is what brought the best
students together to work in the cage (equipment center.) Many of us who
work in television news started our relationships together because Tim
recruited us for the cage. I can’t believe he is no longer with us…
it just doesn’t seem possible. Thank you Tim for what you’ve given to us all,
you will missed and forever remembered.

Annie Esp(Servedio)'95

Shannon said...

Tim was one of my first teachers at Columbia- and what an introduction to Columbia that was! I was simultaneously excited and petrified prior to the start of his class each Wednesday. He was a great teacher and taught me a lot. He was so fun to be around, but still maintained a high expectation from all of his students and was always approachable when help or a laugh was needed. Thanks for everything, Tim! You will be missed.

Arthur said...

What a tramendous loss, I'll miss you Tim.

Vicky said...

I first met Tim at Columbia in the late '80 when I was a broadcat journalism student. He ALWAYS made me laugh whether we were in the Commons getting snacks between classes, in the hallway or where ever. He was a constant friend and lifted my spirits many times. He loved his littie girls and spoke fondly of them all the time. He also loved teaching and told me that he would never do anything else. We later both attended Governors State Univ. when he was completing a masters program.

I was just with Tim and a group of friends at a holiday party the Friday before his passing. He was his usual jovial, warm, comical self. As I look back on that evening, it was very symbolic to me. The dining room was filled with Tim's friends and living room with others that the hostess knew. In essence, it was a party within a party and the - typical Tim! We all laughed, joked, told stories, met new people and caught up with old friends. As the night went on, people began to peel off. When I decided to leave, I asked Tim to see to my car. Being the gentleman he was, he obliged. But first, he gave me this huge bear hug at the door that almost stopped my breath! When he released me, we both just laughed, but I literally could not breathe, the hug was so strong. As I left the building and looked up and he was standing in the window watching me to my car. We waved. I got in my car and drove passed the builing. He was still in the window learning against the window seal. I drove by slowly, honking my horn and waved to let him know I was on my way. His silhouette waved back again. That was the last moment I saw my friend. I believe, he will always be watching over me from the "window."


Yvonne Sode said...

Yesterday was truly a difficult day when I returned to hear the news about Tim. I met Tim when I came to work at Columbia in ‘94’ and I can truly say he was one of the most genuine and sweetest people I have ever met. Tim’s passion and dedication for teaching came across in almost every encounter I had with him. He was truly a student advocate and an excellent ambassador for Columbia College Chicago. He was more than just a colleague, he was a friend. I will miss his brilliant smile, his witty remarks and vivacious personality, but mostly I will miss sharing time with a friend who always managed to make you feel special. He was and will remain an extraordinary person in my heart.

Although there is much sadness in my heart, there is also much joy for having been able to know such a great young man. I will miss you Tim.


Anonymous said...

Tim was my teacher this past fall 2007 for production and editing 2. He would always joke with us, and make the 14th floor cage workers go and get him a soda. It was so funny. Our class asked him every day what a key frame was until finally he told us the second to last week of the semester. He was an amazing teacher. He always pushed us to do better, because he knew we had the potential. Thank you Tim, We will miss you.

Caroline Caligiuri said...

Tim was one of the most wonderful people I've ever met and a true human being. He never had a harsh word for anyone and a smile lived on his face. When I'd see him, he exuded the love he had for life and it was infectious. Oh Timmy...

I met Tim after Graduation several years ago when volunteers were fed afterwards at the Green Dolphin. He, Nicole Fabbri and I spent hours hootin' it up about everything and nothing. Every time after that, he met me with a warm embrace filled with life.

God, I will miss him so much. What a treasure. I'm so happy to have met him.

My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.


Brian K. Read said...

Tim was a student in the very first class I ever taught at Columbia College, "Lighting For Television," back in 1985. Even though the class began at 7am, it was Tim who would really "light the place up" every morning with his amazing presence. After he graduated, Tim and I would often work together, on corporate tv shoots. He worked as a cameraman on several of the Kingston Mines Blues Concerts that I produced and directed. Then, after a stint as the TV Dept. Equipment Center Manager, Tim became a colleague, as a fulltime professor in the TV Dept. I now think about the amazing arc of his career, and all of the student lives that he touched. It is said that the influence of a teacher goes on forever, as those who learn from the teacher pass along that knowledge to others, who in turn pass it along, until that knowledge has been spread infinitely far and wide. That is how I will remember Tim, as not only a colleague and a friend (and a great BLUES man too!) but as one of the truly greatest teachers I have ever known. The knowledge, friendship and love that he passed along is still out there, spreading wider throughout the world even now. May he always remain a positive influence in our hearts.

Luke said...

Tim was a wonderful teacher and colleague and even more importantly he was a wonderful person. He had a heart of gold and was always willing to help or share. He become one of my best friends on the faculty. I knew Tim from his student days through his many promotions to the point of full-time tenured faculty. This is truly a difficult time for all of us. May his strength be our guide to go on.

Luke Palermo

Lott said...

Big D. Big D. Big D. How will we miss him? Always a smile, a handshake, a hug, and a laugh. Always a laugh. I can’t remember a time when we didn’t laugh together. He was an excellent human being, a great teacher, and a genuine friend. We should all be thankful for the privilege of knowing him and show that gratitude through laughter. Big D style!

jordan said...

I owe it all to Tim! He was my teacher, my mentor, and most of all, my friend. This past summer Tim and I, along with Chris West, and four other Columbia students worked on the documentary, "This Is Kaotic!" Tim had all the faith in the world in me and we collaborated ideas turning it into an award-winning documentary. Tim’s passion and dedication for the business will continue to drive me to do the best I can.

Tim, all I can say is...

Thank You

Ms. Ward said...

Well "Timothy" it's only goodbye for now - I believe we will see each other again on the other side - There are so many fun memories of this man it's hard to narrow it down - When I returned to Columbia College in the fall of 1990 I met Tim at registration for classes. We became instant friends as Tim and Luke saved my 2 year old daughter from jumping out of the window while I was preoccupied selecting classes.(smile) Then when I was hired in the second semester in the TV Eqiupment Center "The Cage" The real fun began - Tim managed to pay my daughter back for scaring him by stuffing her in equipment bags while I was in class! - He constantly teased me about being older than the average traditional student as they were all in their late teens, early or mid twenties - as he was. I was in my early to mid thirties back then - and Tim insisted that I was "so old" that "Moses was in my high school year book! During our many discussions in the cage about "the bible" if any one had a question about something in it, Tim would always jokingly defer to me because I was "so old" by saying to them "ask Cheryl - she was there"! We had lots of fun crazy funny eating laughing good times together during those years and ever since because we remained friends to this day. To Bridget, Alexia, Caitlyn, Johgina, and the whole family including Luke P. God's got your back on this one - Only he can give you the peace you need during this painful time. To Tara, Luke, Ron, and the entire television department - when planning the memorial for Tim - please don't forget me I want to be included! I am truly missing this "big old nut"!!! - Farewell for now Big Guy! -

Cheryl -
Call me!

Philip said...

Timmy D! You will be missed man. If he was around, so were the laughs. Tim was my P&E teacher back in 06' and from that first day of class, I knew I had met someone special. I'm gonna' miss ridin' in those elevators with him. We were big guys in a little box. Tim always knew how to break that silence and I bet he still will with that laugh. If you're reading this from up above Tim, there's always room for one more, so squeeze on in and let the laughs begin.

monica said...

I have known Tim almost 30 years. We met at a De La Salle High School basketball game. He was always energetic and full of life even at an early age. Tim was a dear friend and a constant source of encouragement. I am so glad I got to see Tim the Friday before he past at a friend's get together. I will cherish that moment forever in my heart. I am deeply saddened by the sudden loss of my good friend and confidant.

Anonymous said...

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