Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's MACK tonight!!

jodie mack

If you don't know JM - you are missing out on one of Columbia's coolest. Jodie Mack is the Student Activities Coordinator for the Television Department. 

JM brings to Columbia a BA in English/ Film and Media studies from the University of Florida and an MFA in Film, Video & New Media from the School of the Art Institute. Way to Go!!

"Jodie", the artist, was first realized when she began humming chart-toppers in her crib. Unfortunately, she was the only one who realized her gifts then.  But by the fifth grade Ms. Mack made her singing debut in the all-state chorus. Continuing on the path of artistry she was enrolled in the Fame-style magnet high school for performing arts. Today, JM is still producing art and inspiring others to do the same.

Did you know?...
  • She just wrote and animated a 28 minute stop motion cut-opt musical called "Yard Work is Hard Work"
  • She teaches "Animation" and "History of Animation" at DePaul University
  • In February of this year, she received a media arts fellowship from the Illinois Arts Council
Be Sure to Check out Jodie's website recommendations: AICAUDIO.com and www.lori-d.com

Do you want the latest info in TV Department entertainment and happenings? Contact Jodie at JMACK@colum.edu.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Electric!

We the people of the United States of America have a newly elected president, Barack Obama!

I was in the thick of the crowd! I was in the thick of history! After grabbing some Subway, my son and I stood in line at 2:30 pm with a few hundred people. We made new friends and saw a few Columbia faces. As we moved at cattle speed through each obstacle of security (every couple of hours) it was unbelievavble to watch the crowd expand. About 6:30 pm we finally made it to "the" area where we were to hear the fate of America - What a feeling! The crowd overall was civil, excited but most af all hopeful. The jumbotrons displayed CNN coverage. EVERY time Senator John McCain was mentioned the crowd would boo! "Hilarious!" Any mention of President Barak Obama (Yes it's true!) the crowd went wild!

It's two days later and the excitement is surreal. This morning I was congratulated four times on having a new president. This moment in history means so many things to so many people. You can feel it - It's electric!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

What's Happening?!?

One of our former Alums, Brian Shodorf is currently working on a PBS Documentary. He and his production team are seeking participants. The details of the documentary are below. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Brian directly (schodorfproductions@gmail.com). You are encouraged to forward this email.

                                                      For information regarding this email please contact:
                                                      BRIAN SHODORF AT SCHODORFPRODUCTIONS@GMAIL.COM
                                                      Subject: Schodorf Documentary

PBS Documentary Seeking Families to Film on Election Night and After

A local production company is seeking 3 families or individuals to be featured as part of a PBS documentary that will air in the Spring of 2009.  We are a small company that has produced several social issue documentaries for PBS.  Our passion for storytelling and revealing the life, struggle, hope, and courageousness of people in society is reflected in this production. This documentary will follow our trademark style of tackling social issues and revealing the interconnectedness of politics, social systems, and the human heart.

The documentary is an hour long special that will document the lives of hard working Chicagoans who are struggling to deal with the difficult times we face as a country.  We are looking for families who are willing to open up their doors and lives to our small production crew over the next 3 months beginning Tuesday November 4th and ending January 20th. We will get to know your family on camera and the ups and downs you go through in dealing with your everyday problems.  Over the course of the production we will visit you approximately 5 different times to catch up on your lives. Individuals from your family must be watching the 2008 Presidential election or going to Grant Park on election night for the acceptance rally.

We are looking for families who are a reflection of the struggles hard working American’s face as a whole.  We have identified a few issues that are directly or indirectly effecting many American households.

Foreclosure: A family who’s home has or is in danger of being foreclosed on.

Health Care: A family who cannot afford proper health care but is in desperate need of health care because of a family illness.

Job Loss: An individual or family who has lost a job do to the economic crisis. Work has become difficult to find.  Someone who worked in the financial sector would be ideal.

Struggling to make ends meet: Families that are experiencing difficulties of just getting by as the cost of living increases although they are working full time.

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested please contact me at schodorfproductions@gmail.com. Please allow us get to know you and your family. Include the following information in your email.

Size of family
Family Struggles
Ethnic Background

CAAN: Chicago "What TV Ratings Really Mean"

Have you ever wondered how TV shows get rated?  Or why your favorite
show goes off the air?  Come and find out the answers when alum, Justin
Kulovsek ('04) of The Nielsen Company hosts "What TV Ratings Really

During this event you will learn:

-What ratings really mean and why they are important
-How The Nielsen Company determines sample households
-How Nielsen collects, processes, and delivers the TV viewing data
and much more....

Light appetizers and soft drinks will be available afterwards.

Date & Location

Date: Nov 06 2008
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Cost: FREE
Columbia College Chicago
33 E. Congress
Room 219
This event is sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the Columbia Alumni
Association & Network (CAAN) & the Student Alumni Association.

Wanna go to the Steve Wilkos show?
Show dates open to any size group of students aged 18 and over:  W-11/5, T-11/11, W-11/12, T-11/18, W-11/20
Show times: Tues- 5:30p, 7:30p
                   Wed- 1:30p, 4:30p, 7:30p


Contact person once group confirmed for one or more dates is Beth (312-836-3421).